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Recommended by Bandita sharma Dahal , Philadelphia, PA   
It was a pleasure knowing Mr. Uzzwal Bhandary and working on his immigration case. He is a gifted and extraordinary artist. His humble, positive, optimistic and down to earth personality was very impressive. I wish him success and believe his talent will open new avenues from him.
Recommended by Kim Solez, M.D., Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada  
I am a physician who has been involved in humanitarian medical projects in Nepal since 1998, and helped start a new medical school there devoted to rural health. Uzzwal has been an excellent tour guide and friend over the years who helped me in many practical ways, made my trips to the country much easier and more productive. I am certain his many skills and talents which made him such a useful person in Nepal will serve him equally well as he now starts a new life in the US. It is hard to predict exactly what job he will end up doing, but I am convinced that it will be something important and he will do it very well, with that special unique flair that caused US Immigration to give him a green card on the basis of his "extraordinary personality" in the first place! I look forward to hearing about all his adventures and successes!
Recommended by roelants ronny, brussels belgium  
I remember I met Uzzwal for the first time when he was a young guide (just married) . In 2007 (or was it 2006), we were together in the Ying Yang restaurant in Kathmandu and watching television when one of the first episodes of Ujju darling was being broadcasted. And recently, we were again together in Kathmandu when Uzzwal knew he was accepted to go to America. Good luck and see you back in Hollywood or on Broadway. He has the talent and the courage to do it. Ronny Roelants Department of lung diseases Europe clinics Brussels Belgium
Recommended by Marc Annaert, Nerumstraat 24 Lede Belgium  
Dear Uzzwal, congratulations with your nice website!
We are friends since 20 years already, and in this period you ware several times our guide, always doing the best for us. We couldn't find a better guide. Now you are moving to the USA we will miss you in Nepal.
Ujju Darling is very successful because you're a splendid actor and you know how to realize a good interview. Your book will be successful too, we're sure.
We wish you all the best with Ujju in Nepal and as Uzzwal in the USA.
Marc, Martine and friends
Recommended by Viviane, Antwerpen  
Since I was young I dreamed to visit Nepal. First time I was there I had chance to met Uzzwal, he was our guide, no he was not just a guide, he showed his country by heart, culture, nature, history all on a relaxed very interesting way, and .... I was infected or let us say he taught me to love Nepal. Second visit I met his family, so warmly, lovely and do I have to tell more knowing that they are now my second family. Its pitty I can't understand Nepali because I cant understand his TVSHow, but I have seen he is very popular and people in Nepal like it.Even when we were on trekking we met people who recognised him.
I am very lucky to know Uzzwal,Puspa, Sezal and Pranzal.
Recommended by Luk Van der Straeten, Veldstraat 5, B1840 Malderen, Belgium  
We know Uzzwal since we were on vacation in Nepal last month. During these days Uzzwal was our very appreciated guide. His style is totally different with those of other guides because of the funny way he does this job. Being from Belgium, we don't know his work on TV, but based on his beautiful website, we are convinced that he also capture the Nepalese hearts via this medium. Uzzwal is a charming and likeable guy. We are extremely happy he was our guide in Nepal.