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Ujju Darling- ying meets yang
The one of a kind trans gender character in entire South Asia, UZZWAL BHANDARY who is popularly known as Ujju Darling is the host of the longest talk show named ‘Ujju Darling.’
The popularity of Ujju Darling reached the soaring height with his totally out of the box concept that is different from other conventional shows. With the successful 400+ on air episodes, Ujju Darling has also made a record as the host of longest talk show program. The program was prepared by Nepal1 television more than 7 years ago and since then, Ujju Darling never had to turn behind.The show ujju darling  is directed,concept and script also uzzwal bhandary himself 

The fame of Ujju Darling is not limited to locals as he has made the global recognition by being exclusively covered in several magazines and news paper.

His recent project includes the book entitled- ‘Ujju Darling’ which is soon to be published from American publishing house.

Ujju Darling with Sumina Ghimire

Ujjwal and his wife Pushpa have two sons aged 10 and 19 years.

Ujju Darling with Sons and Wife

Ujju Darling in Nepali Dress Up